Virtual Care Services


Your Guide to Virtual Health Care and Telemedicine Services

About the Virtual Care (Telemedicine) Program

Accessing specialists can be challenging for rural residents. To help you connect with specialists in nearby cities or communities, we offer a telemedicine program. This allows you to consult with specialists via videoconferencing, saving you the travel time, cost, and stress of visiting Ottawa or Kingston.

With videoconferencing, you can see a primary care provider, specialist, or other health care provider closer to home. A nurse is available to assist you during the appointment (e.g., checking your blood pressure). Virtual care can be used for many types of medical visits. Services are available throughout the Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville region, whether at an office location, your home, a long-term care facility, or a retirement home

How to Get Services

To see a specialist closer to home, call our virtual care (telemedicine) staff at 1-877-321-4500. A referral from a primary care provider may be required for some services. Our team can assist with this step.

Health care providers: 

Click here for our virtual care (telemedicine) referral form (.pdf)

Click here for our virtual care (telemedicine) referral form (.cfm)

Specialists with patients in the Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville region seeking more information can contact us at 1-877-321-4500 or email

For more information about the Virtual Care (Telemedicine) Program, please contact us at 1-877-321-4500.


  • About Telemedicine

    What does the nursing team bring to a telemedicine appointment? 

    If a nurse is completing a visit, they typically will bring a laptop, camera, and digital stethoscope. There are other specialized tools such as a Horus scope. To use the digital stethoscope, the specialist on the other end must also have a digital stethoscope. 

    What specialists are currently available? 

    A:  Currently, we have specialists for endocrinology, dermatology, hematology, thrombosis, nephrology, respirology, sleep medicine, infectious disease specialists, mental health, and cardiopulmonary rehab.  We encourage PCPs to refer for specialties even if not listed above, and our team will search for a provider in Ontario who is willing to provide virtual care for our LLG patients.   

    Who is available to provide this service? 

    We have a team of RPNs that are trained to provide telemedicine services. The team of nurses meet with clients to connect to them to specialist.  

    Who should be referred to LLG OHT Telemedicine? 

    Patients that require digital support accessing appointments, clients expressing barriers to transportation and/or financial concerns, patients that are homebound and require nursing assessment. This can be used by primary care providers to assess homebound clients. 

    How is the referral triaged? 

    Depending on the referral that is received, nursing may triage, or our admin support will reach out to specialists office directly to coordinate the appointment. 

    How can a nurse better support a virtual visit? 

    Nursing completes an assessment of the client. This can include vital signs, wound care, reviewing information with the client, creating care plans, assisting with follow-up. 

    What platforms can telemedicine support? 

    Platforms include OTN, Zoom, Teams. Others may be available if requested and meet HIIPA standards.