Primary Care

Creating a primary care network.

Creating a primary care network

The LLG OHT believes that primary care is the foundation of our local health system. Reliable access to strong primary care is fundamental to determining and providing appropriate care and supporting navigation across the health system. This is directly related to the first-year priority population of strengthening access to high-quality mental health and addictions services within the local health system.

LLG OHT’s first change initiative is to create a primary care network. An organized and integrated primary care network is an essential Year 1 priority and creates the foundation for subsequent OHT local health system improvements. 

  • Develop/strengthen local primary care networks
  • Create a single LLG OHT primary care network
  • Establish regular meetings of the local primary care networks and the single LLG OHT primary care network
  • Identity primary care members for the LLG OHT leadership committee/collaboration council